7 Best Mindfulness Apps For 2015

If you spent 2014 dismissing mindfulness as just some new age fad, you’re missing out on the discovery of a centuries-old practice that holds the power to significantly improve your fitness, health, and mental well being. Regardless of religious beliefs or[…]

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Unbeatable Mind Retreat: Life Changing Practices

This past week, Mark Divine hosted the 2nd annual Unbeatable Mind Retreat in Encinitas, CA from December 2nd-6th at La Costa Resort & SEALFIT headquarters. Among the athletes, mentors, coaches, and speakers were some of the most sought after *personalities in the fields of health science, medicine,[…]

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Creating New Habits With Digital Health

Can digital health prove to be a panacea for modern mindlessness? In this article, we’ll illuminate the distinction of accelerating digital health technology and the human will. ith rapidly growing waistlines and shrunken computer posture, humanity is fast approaching an[…]

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Top 10 Digital Health Apps For Thanksgiving

ooking for a leg up on how to stay fit and healthy this holiday season? Digital health may be your new best friend. Statistics show the average American gains 3-5lbs from mid November to early January. Whether or not you celebrate[…]

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Do Companies Need Quantified Self?

Do companies need quantified self? This was the same technology question people surely asked about cellular telephones after the first was launched in 1973. hen looking through the window of current growth in global data ecosystems, we see more and[…]

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Yoga For Muscle Gain

The benefits of yoga practice range from losing fat to touching your toes, but how exactly does doing down dog make you have bigger guns? In this post, we’ll explain the science, suggested modality, and optimal frequency for lean body[…]

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Are Quest Bars Good For You?

In 2014, Quest bar sales have skyrocketed due to smart marketing, social proofing, and millions of photos online depicting delicious desserts as health foods. Quest bars are hotter than a bodybuilder in a gorilla suit right now. In the wake[…]

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Why We RUN

he running gods blessed me last month. On a hot summer day, I found myself mixed in a crowd of over 3,000 runners who crossed the finish line at the Biggest Loser Run/Walk in Chicago. Some of these brave participants[…]

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Fresh Air – Beyond Diet & Exercise

Mediation is more than just breath and fresh air. If you calm the mind, hidden potential that lives inside you can rise to the surface. Have a seat and turn off your phone; let’s take a quick break together. Use[…]

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Outdoor Fitness: Interval Training Made Easy

Stuck in a fitness routine rut? No gym? I got you covered:  Do this FREE 8 week program to re-ignite your metabolic engine using only your body weight:  Week 1-2 General Conditioning  (3/4x Per Week) 10 min fast walk/jog at[…]

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Top 10 Anti-inflammatory foods

Costco doesn’t stock millions of dollars in glucosamine chondroitin for nothing. The inflammatory industry’s top brass are literally swimming in cash from the American quick fix mentality. Do I blame them? No. Rather than educate ourselves in a holistic methodology,[…]

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Running Your First 5k

A 5K is 3.1 miles; you got this! Don’t be scared by the distance, as this is the perfect run for beginners. If you’re ready for your first 5K, understand that mastering the fundamentals will take you far. Running your[…]

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